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Workshops (The Workshop schedule will be available soon.)

Tools for Repositories - Microsoft Research & the Scholarly Information Ecosystem

Microsoft External Research strongly supports the process of research and its role in the innovation ecosystem, including developing and supporting efforts in open access, open tools, open technology, and interoperability. We partner with universities, national libraries, publishers, and governmental organizations to help develop tools and services to evolve the scholarly information lifecycle. These projects demonstrate our ongoing work towards producing next-generation documents that increase productivity and empower authors to increase the discoverability and appropriate re-use of their work. This workshop will provide a deep dive into several freely available and open source tools from Microsoft External Research, and will demonstrate how these can help supplement and enhance current repository offerings.

Come learn more about how the Microsoft Research tools can help extend the reach and utility of your repository efforts. Each session during the day will include a hands-on component so that attendees can gain a deeper technical understanding of the available toolset, which includes the following resources:
More information on each of these tools can be found at: http://www.microsoft.com/scholarlycomm

For workshop registration and related questions, please e-mail the workshop convener at: scholar@microsoft.com

Location GLC, room 333

Open Archive Storage Architectures for Cloud Computing

This workshop is intended to present standards implementation and best practices for an open archive architecture for repositories and long term archiving storage for cloud computing. Attendees will discuss the business requirements, standards, and best practices for architecting a repository solution that incorporates cloud computing. This workshop will also address how to ensure your repository solution provides the capability to store, manage, re-use and curate digital materials in a cloud.

Please register here: https://www.suneventreg.com//cgi-bin/register.pl?EventID=2694 target=blank

For questions, please e-mail the workshop presenter at: Keith.Rajecki@Sun.COM

Location GLC, room 315

VITAL Workshop

This workshop will feature VTLS' VITAL Repository software. VITAL builds on the Fedora™ repository architecture by providing extensive VTLS developed workflow extensions, management utilities, indexing enhancements, advanced searching capabilities and specialized content displays. Using Fedora™ defined web services, VITAL provides a mechanism for organizations to create tools, enhance the functionality provided by VTLS, or leverage the open source community for future applications.

To register, please send name and email address to vital@vtls.com.

Deadline for registration is May 1, 2009.

Location GLC, room 319

SWORD Futures

Please join us for the SWORD Futures workshop. We'll start the workshop with a SWORD 'show and tell' session where developers and repository managers will demonstrate what they have done with SWORD and why, with some time for questions at the end. (1.5-2 hours)

This will be followed by a discussion session where we're intending to split up into three parallel groups (1 hour):

1) Registering SWORD http headers - this group will look at recommendations for registering new headers in line with best practice.

2) Passing deposit intentions with SWORD - this group will discuss whether this a useful direction for SWORD, and what these intentions may be?

3) Packaging - this will be a discussion and recommendations group around how we can usefully standardise metadata and/or packaging formats. We'll also look at including OAI-ORE.

The workshop will conclude with a feedback session (30 mins)

The workshop will be for 30-50 people.

The workshop outcomes will be: dissemination of the SWORD protocol; eedback into SWORD future development; a more engaged SWORD community.

We would also welcome suggestions for other topics to cover. Please email us at swordapp@gmail.com to book a place on the workshop and let us know if you have any ideas for subjects you'd like us to look at. You can also twitter us at http://www.twitter.com/swordapp with your suggestions.

Location GLC, room 317

DSpace 1.5 and the road to 2.0

The DSpace Foundation proposes hosting a workshop on Day 4 at the Open Repositories conference. This workshop will feature three sessions, providing updates on both DSpace 1.5.2 and DSpace 2.0, as well as an interactive panel discussion.

The DSpace 1.5.2 presentation will focus on new functionality since 1.5.1, and will provide guidance on the upgrade process. The future of DSpace 1.X releases will be discussed.

The DSpace 2.0 presentation will introduce the new services based architecture, and include a walkthrough of the core functionality. The new versions of JSPUI and XMLUI will be introduced.

The interactive discussion will feature an open conversation among DSpace users, repository managers, developers, and a panel of DSpace committers. Both practical concerns with current DSpace releases, and ideas for future directions will be considered.

For information, please contact Michele Kimpton michele@dspace.org

Location GLC, room 328